Boxed Water’s unyielding commitment and support for the NFF’s tree-planting program has resulted in the reforestation of thousands of acres of National Forests. A leading NFF corporate partner since 2015, this partnership began before our 50 Million For Our Forests campaign and was critical to its successful launch in 2018. Their unique approach, committing to plant 2 trees from every social media post with #BetterPlanet, has been a driving force for good. Now, in our seventh year of the partnership, the company’s reforestation investment will reach more than 1,275,000 trees planted on National Forests by the end of 2021.

More than 1.2 million trees is an enormous feat, but what does that look like on the ground?

Newly planted ponderosa pine seedling on Deschutes National Forest, Oregon

In the Pacific Northwest, Boxed Water’s support will enhance forest resilience and help National Forests recover from severe wildfire. On Deschutes National Forest, it planted ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and sugar pine in 2015 to increase overall forest diversity and help the Forest become more resilient to climate change. In 2021, Boxed Water is planting ponderosa pine, western larch, and western white pine on the Wallowa-Whitman to restore forest cover and support ongoing recovery from the Cornet-Windy Ridge Fire of 2015.

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Planting on the Stanislaus National Forest, California

Throughout the West, Boxed Water has planted trees following high-severity fires that have denuded mountain and hillsides, removing the majority of forest cover, and leaving forests without a seed source for future regeneration. Its support has been especially impactful on California’s National Forests. On the Stanislaus, in 2017 and 2021, Boxed Water planted thousands of diverse trees - ponderosa pine, sugar pine, incense cedar, white fir and Douglas-fir – to help stabilize watersheds and support continuing recovery from the Rim Fire of 2013. On the Sierra and the Lassen, the company’s trees will create young forests on wildfire burn scars, restoring forest cover and access to important habitat for wildlife.

Planting on the Hiawatha National Forest, Michigan

In the Great Lakes region, Boxed Water has reforested National Forests in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. These projects will enhance forest diversity, help forests recover from extreme wind events, and increase resilience to insects and disease. For instance, on Michigan’s Hiawatha National Forest in 2019, Boxed Water’s support planted eastern white pine, white spruce and hemlock on beech forests under siege by an invasive insect that caused extensive beech bark disease. Planting the diverse species will help halt the spread of the disease and enhance habitat for local birds and wildlife.

Longleaf pine trees in Florida National Forests

In the South, Boxed Water helped expand native longleaf pine habitat on Florida National Forests in 2019. The longleaf pine ecosystem is one of the most biologically diverse in North America and provides a home to around 900 species found nowhere else in the world. The company will continue its support for native habitat restoration in 2021, planting longleaf pine, along with shortleaf pine and red spruce, on National Forests in North Carolina.

Boxed Water's 2021 Reforestation Impact

In 2021, Boxed Water is planting 270,000 seedlings on National Forests in California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina. Most of these projects are breaking ground this spring, on their way to becoming the renewed forests that can store vast amounts of carbon, supply water to millions, and provide cover, corridors, and a home for wildlife.

Boxed Water and #BetterPlanet

We are incredibly grateful for Boxed Water’s support. Boxed Water's approach is unique and goes beyond what normal corporate companies do, they've embedded it into their everyday mission and brand (not just donating money like a CSR program). They are engaging, educating and activating their social community through getting them involved in planting the trees themselves. Allowing their consumers and community to make the impact.

For every social post shared with the use of #BetterPlanet and tag of @boxedwater, two trees are committed to planting in our national forests through the NFF. Essentially, Boxed Water is a brand with a purpose and their support is embedded in their business.

We invite you today, to not only stay involved and engaged with our forests but make an impact with Boxed Water today and plant 2 trees. Visit here to start today:

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