In 2023, our reforestation momentum continued as we planted over 5 million trees across more than 13,942 acres – a remarkable achievement that we couldn’t have done without you, our supporters! We also hit our funding goal to plant 50 million trees by 2025, but we’re only getting started.

With each project completed and planted seedlings growing and thriving, the benefits of reforestation - clean air and water, carbon sequestration, boosts to biodiversity, and local job opportunities - are brought to life. Our journey isn't about the quantity of trees we plant, but rather the collective impact we make on National Forests and on all our lives. With the help of our donors and partners, we are cultivating a positive change that makes a lasting difference for all.

Read our 2023 Impact Report and learn about key highlights below.

A Diversity of Tree Planting Projects

We funded 57 reforestation projects on 35 National Forests across 18 states. From wildfires in the West to disease outbreaks in the East, our projects reflected the geographic and ecological diversity of reforestation needs. In the Midwest, after a 2019 windstorm caused extensive damage throughout Wisconsin, we replanted 588 acres of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest with a variety of species to rebuild and revive the forest. Meanwhile in the Southwest, we replanted saguaros and other native cacti and tree species in areas of the Tonto National Forest in Arizona that were affected by severe wildfire. Our saguaro efforts were made possible through a collaboration with Natural Restorations and the Tonto National Forest.

A volunteer plants a saguaro at the fourth annual Save Our Saguaros planting event. Photo by Cody Van Cleve at CVC Photography.

More than 13,000 Acres Planted

With our U.S. Forest Service partners and incredible professional tree planters, we planted native seedlings on over 13,942 acres of habitat, the equivalent of about twice the area of JFK airport. Projects ranged in size from less than an acre to more than several thousand acres. On the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana, we planted longleaf pine seedlings on over 1,000 acres to help rebuild habitat for the red-cockaded woodpecker, a keystone and endangered species, and other wildlife.

Over 2,300 Donors and Partners

We met an important milestone in 2023 by reaching our 50 Million For Our Forests fundraising goal. This would not have been possible without the support of our donors—individuals and families, Sapling members, and corporate partners. Watch our thank you video to hear our gratitude!

We are more than halfway through the 50 Million campaign, and we still have A LOT of work to do to keep up with reforestation need and demand. That is why we are branching out and…

Expanding into Holistic Reforestation

Coeur D'Alene Tree Nursery. Photo by the U.S. Forest Service.

A little birdie may have told you that we’re taking the leap from funding seedlings to supporting true, holistic reforestation. Well, we started on that journey this year with investments in seed production and nursery infrastructure, among other steps in the reforestation pipeline. U.S. nurseries currently do not meet reforestation demand, and without an increase in seed and cone collection as well as funding for outdated nurseries, seed availability will be at risk in the future. That is why we supported 14 nursery and seed production projects in 2023!

2.5 Million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Can Be Stored

Over the course of their lifetimes, the trees we planted can sequester the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions released from over 6,000,000,000 (yes, that’s nine zeros) miles driven by gas-powered cars. National Forests contain approximately 25% of the total carbon stored in U.S. Forest ecosystems, and each year we replenish and bolster the lungs of the country.

As of this year, we have planted approximately 33 million trees towards our goal of planting 50 million trees by the end of 2025. And we’re just getting started. To be a part of the nation’s leading Reforestation Program on National Forests support reforestation today!

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