New Mexico Ski Conservation Funds

The National Forest Foundation Ski Conservation Funds in New Mexico provide funding for on-the-ground projects that improve forest health and outdoor experiences on the Carson, Santa Fe, and Lincoln National Forests.

Funds come from guest contributions at ski areas and lodges operating on National Forest System lands, with matching contributions from the National Forest Foundation.

Current Participants

Three New Mexico ski areas currently participate in ski conservation funds:

These funds support sustainable recreation and forest health projects across three of the five national forests in New Mexico. The funds provide an opportunity for guests of participating ski areas to give back to the public lands that make their experiences possible.

The NFF matches these contributions $.50 to the dollar and oversees the investment of those funds in restoration projects and programs on the National Forest where the ski area operates. Contributions from businesses on the same National Forest can also be pooled for greater impact.

Projects and subsequent investments are guided through collaborative teams at the local level that include the Forest Service, local non-profits, community leadership, ski area managers, local government, and other interested organizations.

The NFF oversees implementation of selected projects and programs, and awards funds as grants to local nonprofit organizations who can complete impactful on-the-ground work in the forest. These are often projects that would otherwise go unfunded but are still greatly needed.

Why Should Ski Areas and Lodges Participate?

  • Ski Conservation Funds give resorts an easy way for their guests to be stewards of the lands they enjoy, while also supporting the health and resilience of the National Forest in which the resort operates.
  • Resorts can publicly share their commitment to environmental conservation and stewardship.
  • The projects supported by the funds provide lasting impacts to the lands, waters, and wildlife of the National Forest System

For more information, contact:

Manuel Lopez, at [email protected]