My entire life I have been in love with the woods and the outdoors. And growing up at the base of the Front Range in Colorado, I had access to some of the best forests in the country. As I grew up, I found my home in the pines as well as passions for all things outside, including rock climbing, backpacking and hiking.

My experiences in our nation’s forests are what brought me to Northern Arizona University where I earned my undergraduate degree in biology and wildlife management and where I am currently pursuing a masters degree in climate science and solutions.

Throughout most of my college career I had worked as a commercial HVAC and refrigeration technician, and also worked a season with the Forest Service on a timber crew. Although when I wasn’t working or at school, you could almost always find me at the climbing gym or out in the vast expanses of ponderosa pine with a few close friends.

In May 2019 I had the awesome opportunity to join the NFF team as the Arizona Programs Associate. I’m so excited to be a part of the many great things that we’re working on in a place that I have grown to call home. In helping coordinate and oversee restoration projects across the state, I have found something that I believe truly matters.

With my work here at the NFF I hope to help bridge the gap between climate science and forest management. By studying how our forests adapt and respond to adversity in our changing world, we can determine what the best ways are to restore the beauty and strengthen the resilience of our beloved forests.

National Forest Foundation