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NFF Funding Supports Fish Habitat in Colorado

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Thanks to generous NFF grant funding, the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado has worked closely with the U.S. Forest Service and the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps to close and revegetate multiple unsustainable motorcycle trails and roads in an area that provides critical habitat for the native Colorado cutthroat trout.

The restoration project accomplishes several important land management objectives, including:

  1. Implementing the U.S. Forest Service travel management plan by closing unauthorized or user-created routes.
  2. Improving fisheries habitat by reclaiming erosive, fall-line routes that direct sediment into the Swan River and its tributaries- important habitat for an endangered native trout.
  3. Educating recreational users about restoration efforts while encouraging recreational use on designated, sustainable routes.
  4. Employing youth corps programs and promoting a stewardship ethic among youth corps participants and volunteers.

With NFF funding and cooperative autumn weather, the road decommissioning and trail revegetation effort successfully closed over 1.8 miles of roads and 2 miles of unauthorized trails while restoring 2.5 acres of wildlife habitat. Thanks to the NFF for its support!

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