Thanks to support from Bronco Wild Fund and Southern California Edison, the NFF worked with Angeles National Forest to complete improvements and renovations at Messenger Flats Campground.

Located in Los Angeles County and near the Pacific Crest Trail, this campground is a popular rest area for northbound thru-hikers in the spring and is near millions of residents in the communities of Palmdale and the San Fernando Valley.

With its scenic and high-elevation setting, Messenger Flats Campground offers a sense of solitude and provides numerous recreation opportunities that include hiking, camping, bird watching, and auto-touring.

Crews install new materials at the Messenger Flats Campground

Under the guidance of Forest Service staff, improvements to Messenger Flats Campground included:

  • Removing old, damaged infrastructure;
  • Installing new picnic tables;
  • Installing new bearproof food lockers in a central location; and
  • Fabricating a new gate entrance for visitors from the parking lot.

Newly installed bearproof food locker.

Due to previous wildfires, Messenger Flats Campground sustained damage to its infrastructure that posed various safety concerns for visitors. The recent infrastructure improvements have added overall value for locals and tourists alike.

The new picnic tables allow for comfortable seating while the bearproof food lockers provide safe, responsible recreation. The new gate entrance will allow wheelchair users access to the campground while restricting off-highway vehicles from entering, further promoting safe and responsible recreation in the Forest.

Cover photo by Maria Luna.


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