Our Reforestation Program plants millions of trees, reforesting thousands of acres of National Forests. Every tree planted can create lasting impacts that support climate change mitigation, and it’s always easier to tackle big challenges when you work together towards a common goal! That’s why the National Forest Foundation (NFF) makes it easy to organize tree planting fundraisers where every dollar raised goes towards planting trees.

People start tree planting fundraisers for all sorts of reasons and with all sorts of crews. Watch our Instagram video for a step-by-step guide for how to get started and keep reading for a sampling of the types of fundraising teams that are helping us replant National Forests.

Businesses Engaging Employees

Photo by Katlyn Lonergan.

Starting a fundraising campaign for reforestation is a great way to engage your employees in an act of gratitude for the beautiful natural landscapes of National Forests. You can start several fundraising teams to stir some friendly competition between offices and encourage company-wide awareness of the ongoing need for legitimate, climate-smart, and science-backed reforestation.

Businesses Engaging Customers

An amazing way to get your customers engaged with planting trees is to start a fundraiser. You can add a QR code or link to your fundraiser in a newsletter, at check-out, or on your website to encourage your community to support reforestation. Bonus tip: If you start a green campaign to fundraise for tree planting, you might consider drumming up support by pledging a company match of however much is raised through our Sapling Program or a Corporate Partnership!

Clubs and Community Groups

If your school club, recreational soccer team, library committee, or any other community group is looking for a meaningful way to make environmental change, consider starting a fundraiser. Like the business example above, if your club has more than one chapter or division, you can start several fundraising teams to drum up some friendly competition.

New Year’s Resolutions to Reduce Your Carbon Impact

Stocksy photo by Juno.

Normally our New Year’s resolutions are focused on personal goals. This year we challenge you to think a little bigger and include a goal for a greener tomorrow. The average American carbon footprint is 20 metric tons of CO2e per year – you can reduce your impact for the entire year with just 40 trees! Now imagine the impact you can make when you get your community involved!

Celebrate a Special Occasion

The holidays aren’t the only time of year to give back, especially on behalf of a loved one. It’s always the right time to give your best friend, partner, or cherished relative the gift of planting trees in their honor. One of the best ways to plant trees on behalf of a loved one, say on their birthday, your anniversary, or in their memory, is to bring everyone together who loves them and restore National Forests together.

There are so many different reasons and occasions to start a tree planting fundraiser. To learn how to get started, check out our Reforestation Fundraisers page. If you want to hear from the Reforestation Program crew for more information, watch our 4 tips for a successful fundraiser video. We need to band together and fundraise for reforestation!

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