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North Idaho Working Group

North Idaho Working Group


To develop a stakeholder-based recommendation that balances over-snow vehicle (OSV)
travel, various forms of winter recreation, and protection of forest resources and wildlife

Members and their representation

  • Trevor Anderson, state government
  • Ken Barrett, outfitters & guides
  • Commissioner Tim Bertling, Boundary County
  • Leon Brown, outfitters & guides
  • Commissioner Jeff Connolly, Bonner County
  • Tom Dabrowski, non-motorized recreation
  • Olivia Drake, motorized recreation
  • Hilary Eisen, non-motorized recreation
  • Greg Figg, motorized recreation
  • John Finney, motorized recreation
  • Alan Harper, timber industry
  • Craig Hill, motorized recreation
  • Jacob Hinrichs, motorized recreation
  • Phil Hough, conservation
  • Tim Koerner, motorized recreation
  • Mathew Kramer, motorized recreation
  • Aaron Lieberman, outfitters & guides
  • Tony McDermott, hunting & wildlife
  • Jim McReynolds, recreation
  • Stan Meyers, citizen-at-large
  • Orin Moses, motorized recreation
  • Mike Peak, mining and motorized recreation
  • Chuck Roady, private landowner
  • Trevor Schneider, citizen-at-large
  • Brad Smith, conservation
  • Dave Wenk, motorized recreation

Meetings and Documents

    Full Group Meetings

    Process Committee Meetings

    Final North Idaho Working Group Recommendation


    Maisie Powell, Northern Rockies Program Coordinator, at [email protected]