From Theory to Practice

Photo by Aaron Olsen.

From Theory to Practice: Landscape-Level Restoration Principles to Implementing Priority Work on the Ground

Objectives: Demonstrate and discuss methods for expanding project planning from stand- to landscape-based planning in the face of climate change. Drawing from the recent publication, Restoring fire-prone Inland Pacific landscapes: seven core principles, share examples from planning efforts in multi-jurisdictional, fire-prone, mixed-conifer forests in the Northern Rockies. Discuss, capture, and disseminate successes and challenges encountered during landscape-based project planning.

During this workshop, participants learned about projects that incorporate the seven principles. Recognizing that we have a lot of experience with landscape assessments, we challenged participants to consider the following: How can we move from the assessment phase to managing at landscape scales? How can we be successful in this paradigm shift? Where are the challenges?

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