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Panhandle Forest Collaborative


By assisting the Idaho Panhandle National Forest and other agencies in bringing a balanced approaches to timber, wild ecosystems and recreation, the Panhandle Forest Collaborative (PFC) helps to contribute to sustainable social, environmental and economic viability within the region.

Panhandle Forest Collaborative's Approach

The Panhandle Forest Collaborative focuses on issues on the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, primarily within the Sandpoint, Priest Lake and portions of the Coeur d’Alene Ranger Districts, with the goals of reducing litigation, promoting sustainable operations, enhancing travel and recreation opportunities, maintaining infrastructure for timber, ranching and recreation, and conserving native ecosystems.

By building communication and connectivity between on-going local community efforts and the county, state and federal agencies, the PFC works as a group to provide consensus recommendations on projects and forest plans which address the collaborative's shared goals.

For more information, including past meeting and project documents, please visit the Collaborative's Google Page here.

Other Collaborative Groups and Resources in the Area:

Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership

Kootenai Valley Restoration Initiative

For more info about the PFC or to join the mailing list, please contact

Masie Powell, Northern Rockies Program Coordinator, at [email protected]