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From the Ground Up. Tap to the Top.

Join the National Forest Foundation in protecting our public lands and outdoor experiences, starting at your brewery – from TAP TO TOP.

A unique and fun campaign designed to help your customers track where their favorite beer (and water) really comes from – a story that starts at your beer tap and ends in the high elevation mountains where our water comes from starting as snow and rain.

Restoring National Forests in the Southern Rockies

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) wants to partner with your brewery, beer manufacturing center, and/or distribution company to tell the story of how beer and water are connected to the mountain and forests around us. That’s right! Drinking beer and contributing to NFF puts dollars on public lands to help restore forests and watersheds and to protect the quality of the delicious beer you serve.

TaptoTop provides an easy way for businesses, customers and all lovers of beer to invest in the lands and watersheds they depend on where they also love to recreate. These Funds will support projects aimed to:  

  • reduce wildfire risk, 
  • improve stream and wetland function, 
  • enhance fish and wildlife habitat, 
  • restore native plants, and 
  • limit erosion and sediment into Arizona streams, rivers, and reservoirs. 

In combination, these projects help protect the quality and abundance of water for homes and businesses – like yours – for years to come.

Projects will also create jobs and provide volunteer opportunities in local communities through partnerships with local conservation and stewardship groups.

Working together, we can do great things! Share in our recent partnership between the NFF and SanTan Brewing Company where we take you on a video journey from the beer taps of SanTan’s Chandler, AZ brewery to the top of the watershed in Northern Arizona.

Call us now to become part of the solution for protecting our watersheds, our water supplies, and your beer making craft!


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