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Winter/Spring 2019

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Pennsylvania’s Secret Lights Up the Night

By Mark Hendricks

Northwest Pennsylvania holds a secret; it is a firefly wonderland. The deciduous woodlands and watersheds on the Allegheny National Forest offer some of the best locations to experience the magical showing of bioluminescence that defines summer evenings in the Appalachians.

Lines Drawn, Lines Ignored

By Ray A. Foote and Dr. A. Lee Foote

Territorial wolves enforce it. Fort Knox gold depot practices it. Urban planners use it, and Trumpeter Swans are aware of it. The “it” in each of these cases is the spatial phenomenon of buffer areas or transition zones. These zones are also an important facet of our public lands.

Great Lakes, Great Forests

By Kerry Morse

The Great Lakes are one of the wonders of North America, and the National Forests that edge them offer some of the region’s best wildlife, scenery and recreation. The Ottawa, Huron-Manistee, Hiawatha and Superior National Forests showcase the region’s diverse landscapes and abundant activities.

Got Wildlife?

By Greg M. Peters

Discover some of the many wildlife species you can see on our National Forests.

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