Montana Forest Fund

Montana-based businesses supporting Montana's National Forests

The Montana Forest Fund supports Montana’s National Forests through contributions from MT-based businesses.

The KettleHouse Brewing Company, our founding partner, contributes one dollar per beer poured from a dedicated tap handle at each of their two taproom locations. Montana’s Whitefish Mountain Resort is also a contributor to the Fund. The NFF is actively seeking additional partners to grow the Fund and benefit Montana’s precious natural resources.

Managing 17 million acres in Montana, the US Forest Service is Montana’s largest land management agency. These lands provide residents and visitors with opportunities for recreation, hunting and fishing, and solitude as well as supply abundant natural resources, including clean air and fresh water.

On an annual basis, the NFF will work with the Forest Service in Montana to invest funds raised through the Fund into priority restoration and recreation-based projects that provide meaningful and lasting improvement to Montana’s National Forests.


Dani Southard, Northern Rockies Region Director, at [email protected]