White River National Forest Restoration Fund

Supporting areas impacted by the Grizzly Creek Fire and more

The NFF’s White River National Forest Restoration Fund supports the restoration of areas impacted by the Grizzly Creek Fire, as well as other lands on the 2.3-million-acre White River National Forest (WRNF) in Colorado.

The Fund was formed in response to the Grizzly Creek Fire, which started as a small brush fire on August 10, 2020, has changed the landscape of the WRNF and its surrounding communities overnight. Burning over 20,000 acres in just one week, the fire has severely impacted parts of one of Colorado’s beloved natural sites, Glenwood Canyon. Much of this area will not recover on its own and needs our help. Restoration of the canyon and adjacent areas impacted by the fire is critical to local communities who steward these lands, as well as the small businesses and industries that rely on tourism, recreation, and healthy landscapes.

In addition to damage from the fire itself, a mudslide in the Grizzly Creek Burn Scar area in July 2021 caused tremendous destruction to the Hanging Lake Trail. Mud, boulders, and debris swept away major trail sections, taking down hiking bridges and decks, downing trees, and burying the recreation area in rubble. The beloved Hanging Lake Trail is now closed for the foreseeable future. The public, local businesses, and surrounding communities are anxious to restore access to this one-of-a-kind natural treasure, tourism magnet, and economic generator

The Forest Service relies on partners to further its mission and accomplish its restoration efforts, and NFF’s WRNF Restoration Fund represents a unique opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to engage in the restoration process and contribute to the forest’s recovery from this fire.


Jamie Werner, White River National Forest Stewardship Coordinator, at 720.245.0112 or [email protected]