Since 2012, the NFF has been working on the Tahoe National Forest. Our efforts have restored critical fish habitat on the Little Truckee River, reduced impacts to the Forest from recreation and improved forest health.

Photo courtesy of Trout Unlimited

At the annual Tahoe Lake Summit this week, President Obama recognized our efforts and specifically noted the $4 million we’ve raised and invested in this iconic landscape. We are honored that the President highlighted our work and our collaborative approach to conservation.

The National Forest Foundation – working together with the Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service and local community partners – is announcing that it has raised over $4 million for forest health, sustainable recreation and creek restoration projects throughout the Truckee River Watershed. This investment will increase the pace and scale of restoration in the region by expanding this effort to include adjoining watersheds as well as providing assistance in forming and facilitating the Tahoe West Collaborative.

White House Fact Sheet

But our work in this special place is just getting started. We have recently hired Dorian Fougeres to manage an exciting collaborative effort on the west side of Lake Tahoe, and we will be expanding our conservation work on the Tahoe National Forest in the near future as well.

We know how much Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe National Forest mean to the country, and we are proud to be continuing our focus in this Treasured Landscape.

National Forest Foundation