The National Forest Foundation (NFF), the congressionally-chartered nonprofit working to improve and restore the health of our 193-acre National Forest System, announces today their $500,000 investment to immediately bolster salaries for existing staff. Along with the new salary structure, the NFF is investing in three new executive roles leading conservation, marketing, and people to help drive their mission amid record growth.

Americans are more aware than ever of the essential role national forests and grasslands play in providing clean air and water, habitat for wildlife, and affordable recreational areas for all. This increased awareness has led to significant growth for the NFF in the past several years, highlighting the importance of the organization’s mission to make public lands more resilient and building connections with new and more diverse users. The changes to salary structure reflect the recent economic need for higher pay and set the NFF up for successful future growth, investing in the people who have helped make the nonprofit what it is today.

“We have a big job ahead with an almost unmatched reward – stewarding, protecting, and advancing the future of National Forests and Grasslands while inviting and welcoming a broader and more diverse public. The work we are doing on our organizational structure and compensation today will prepare us to meet our rigorous conservation and DEI goals both internally and externally. The NFF is determined to help ensure all Americans feel a connection to National Forests and all they provide.”

Mary Mitsos, President and CEO of the NFF

The new salary structure includes grade levels and locality adjustments based on a rigorous, external compensation analysis. Adjusted salaries will be affected immediately, and the NFF will monitor compensation and benefits at a minimum every three years. Additionally, the work they are doing to rearrange the organizational structure and compensation will prepare them to meet the growing desires of their employees, the American public, and extended partners and stakeholders.

As part of these organizational structure changes, the NFF is bolstering the management and executive teams, led by the hiring of new Chief Financial Officer, Corey Whitely, starting on August 15. Whitley joins the NFF from Florida and will help fulfill their strategic and DEI plans. The NFF also has plans to develop and hire for three new executive roles: Chief Conservation Officer (CCO), People and Culture Officer with DEI experience and responsibilities, and a Chief Marketing and Brand Officer.

“We are driving toward greater collaboration across all departments,” adds Mitsos. “Strengthening our leadership team will help streamline inter-organizational communications and collaboration to better support current and future growth. I am very confident that we will emerge a stronger organization, team, place to work, and partner to the US Forest Service and the American public.”

National Forest Foundation