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6 beauty labels playing a part in reforestation

Vogue Paris

Between them, they have already contributed to the replanting of 96 million trees around the world. We’re looking at the beauty labels taking a stand against deforestation, replanting trees in order to help maintain the water table, quality of air, and quality of life alike. Take a look.

Stakeholders offer initial feedback on long-awaited forest management plan

Smokey Mountain News

Everyone on the forum is part of an organization that has strong opinions about what values and uses the new plan should prioritize, and those differing priorities are the reason that the forum came into existence in the first place. Dibari works for the nonprofit National Forest Foundation, which was called in to help build consensus when it became clear that the groups were unlikely to come to any kind of constructive understanding on their own.

Tallgrass Reheab

Landscape Architecture Magazine

At the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois, a team is trying to restore a rare biome that was nearly lost.

Forest managers say action needed to save Sun Valley's Bald Mountain


Dani Southard, the Northern Rockies program manager of the National Forest Foundation — a nonprofit that promots the health of national forests — has been meeting with government, business, recreation and other community leaders to get their ideas about the best course of action. The group met in November and will meet again in January.