50 Million for Our Forests 50 Million for Our Forests

The NFF is planting and growing 50 million trees on National Forests to restore the vital, diverse public lands that provide so much to so many.

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Tree Planting Progress

  • 2025 GOAL 50,000,000
  • 2024 0
  • 2023 to date 1,152,018
  • 2022 8,061,125
  • 2021 7,430,412
  • 2020 4,905,369
  • 2019 3,594,789
  • 2018 3,892,236

29,035,949 trees planted so far

The campaign fundraised through Earth Day 2023, and all 50 million trees will be planted by the end of 2025.

From jobs and fresh drinking water to thousands of miles of trails to hike and explore, National Forests extend countless benefits to nearby communities and cities throughout the U.S.

The 50 Million campaign launched in 2018 as a reaction to the immense reforestation need facing National Forests. Partnering with the U.S. Forest Service, our projects are infused with rigorous science and monitoring techniques that ensure high survival and ecological benefits.

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50 Million Impact

169 Projects

Funded directly by the NFF Reforestation Program.

63 National Forests

Scattered across the U.S. and in all Forest Service Regions.

26 States

Stretching from the Pacific Coast and Rocky Mountains, to the Southeast and Great Lakes region.

These campaign projects are in addition to more than 100 locally funded projects on more National Forests supported by the NFF’s field and grant-making programs.

96,612 Total Acres Planted

Restoring forests provides habitat for wildlife and boosts recreational and economic opportunities for communities.

14.5 M Metric tons CO2

Over the lifetime of the trees planted, they can sequester millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide.

3.1 M Cars off the road for a year

Over the lifetime of the trees planted, they can sequester the emissions released from millions of passenger vehicles. (i)

Water Quality and Quantity

Once mature, the trees we plant can support watershed health and catch billions of gallons of rainwater annually.

Human Health and Air Quality

Trees can strengthen human immune responses and vastly reduce respiratory illnesses. One study estimates the human health benefits derived from U.S. trees and forests at $6.8 billion dollars! (ii,iii)

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Studies have shown that spending time among trees and in forests can reduce stress, improve focus, boost mood, and much more. (ii)

Where We Plant

Priority National Forest Regions

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Featured Projects

The information on this page is updated quarterly. Only projects that are paid and closed by the NFF are included in campaign reporting. Years are based on fiscal years (October 1–September 30).

(i) EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

(ii) Karjalainen, E., Sarjala, T., & Raitio, H. 2010. Promoting human health through forests: overview and major challenges. Environmental health and preventive medicine, 15(1), 1–8.

(iii) Nowak, David J.; Hirabayashi, Satoshi; Bodine, Allison; Greenfield, Eric. 2014. Tree and forest effects on air quality and human health in the United States. Environmental Pollution. 193: 119-129.