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Tree Planting Fundraisers

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America’s forests are in peril. More than one million acres of National Forests need reforestation. When wildfire or insects harm our forests, we’re left with degraded watersheds, impaired wildlife habitat and aesthetic scars that last for generations. With your help, not only will we plant trees, we’ll restore watershed health, improve wildlife habitat and ensure our forests are beautiful and resilient for centuries to come. Participation is simple - for just $1, you, your friends, and family can plant a tree on National Forests.

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Step 1

Choose a Reason to Fundraise. Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or you just love trees, your story will inspire your community to donate.

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Step 2

Personalize Your Fundraiser. Setting up a fundraising campaign to plant trees is quick and easy. Create a name. Pick a fundraising goal. Add a photo and customize your story.

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Step 3

Share Your Fundraiser with the World. After you’ve created your fundraiser, send it to your friends and family and ask them to donate to plant trees. In no time, you’ll see donations coming in to plant trees on our forests. We’ll follow up with an impact report to show how you’ve helped restore National Forests.

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Why We Need Trees

Fresh Water

Our National Forests are the largest single source of fresh water in the United States, supplying millions of Americans with water. Reforestation helps stop soil erosion, and ensures that our forests filter and supply the water that we all depend on.

Recreation Opportunities

Our National Forests provide Americans with endless opportunities to go play. Reforestation helps improve the quality of recreation for the estimated 160 million visits these lands host every year.

Wildlife Habitat

Our National Forests are home to an incredible diversity of wildlife, including threatened and endangered species. When our forests are destroyed, so is wildlife habitat. Planting trees helps improve habitat.

Climate Change

Our National Forests play an important role in mitigating global climate change. The trees you help plant will sequester greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, helping to fight global climate change.