Partnerships on Every Forest

The National Forest Foundation is working closely with the National Partnership Office to facilitate partnership advancement on regions and forests across the country.

Together with the National Partnership Office (NPO), the National Forest Foundation is working to create avenues for new partnerships with the Forest Service through the Partnerships on Every Forest (PEF) program. This program aims to empower every Forest Service employee to seize partnership opportunities that achieve cross-boundary conservation outcomes, embrace shared leadership by collaborating with diverse communities, and build inclusive relationships based on respect and trust.

Working directly with staff at local regional and forest units, the PEF program strives to help identify barriers to developing meaningful, long-lasting partnerships, and to help facilitate pathways forward around those barriers.

Partnerships on Every Forest Case Studies

Bighorn National Forest

The Bighorn National Forest acted as the "pilot" forest for the PEF program. Working closely with Bighorn National Forest staff, the NFF and NPO conducted a partnership assessment to identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities that exist for partnerships on the Forest. From this assessment, we developed Partnership Opportunity Guide to help the Bighorn better communicate their priority projects out to partners.


Emily Jochem, Partnership Coordinator, at 406.946.1754 or