Ski Conservation Fund


In the U.S., 60% of all alpine ski areas are on National Forests.

A signature partnership between the National Forest Foundation and the ski industry, the Ski Conservation Fund gives visitors and guests the opportunity to contribute small donations at participating businesses. The National Forest Foundation matches every $10 contributed with an additional $5, then invests the funds in projects on the neighboring National Forest. There are currently Ski Conservation Fund programs on 11 National Forests across the U.S., where projects have helped keep trails open, reduce invasive species, and rehabilitate overused recreation areas…all while engaging more than 7,000 volunteers in hands-on projects.

When you plan your next vacation, visit one of our Ski Conservation Fund partners, where you can stay, play, and make a difference.

For Nonprofit Organizations:Visit the Application Process page to get started. You may also be interested in viewing our past awards or checking out our Wilderness Stewardship Challenge or Matching Awards Program.


For Ski Areas and Resorts: Guest contributions support wildlife habitat improvements, watershed restoration, recreation enhancements, and community forest projects. Our Granting Details and Ski Conservation Fund Overview documents outline how the program works. For more information contact Greg Peters at or (406) 830-3361.


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