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Kindhumans Supports National Forest Foundation to Plant 50 Million Trees

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We at Kindhumans believe in taking care of the Planet so that future generations can continue to enjoy its miraculous playgrounds. As outdoor enthusiasts, we want to make sure we do our part, so we are excited to partner with the National Forest Foundation to help plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. Our #KindnessPassItOn campaign focuses on celebrating kind humans with the goal of raising $1 million dollars for Kids, Planet and Humanitarian causes. Each purchase directly funds an act of kindness. By choosing National Forest Foundation as your giveback, the purchase will plant five trees to help restore our precious forests.

We are building a sustainable marketplace and a portal for positivity with the mission of celebrating the good in humanity by cultivating a community of kindness, conscious consumption and always giving back. Our goal is to build a trusted platform that will include enriching content, education, donations to non-profit organizations, and a marketplace for sustainable, socially responsible products. We feel that by providing the right information and products we can all make the world a kinder place through our day-to-day purchases.

We’re proud to be a partner of the National Forest Foundation and their tree-planting campaign. We care deeply about the planet and doing our part to make sure we leave it a better place than we found it. Through programs like this we hope to inspire others to join, so that together we can make a difference.

Join us and help us reach the goal of planting 50 million trees. Visit

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