For a while now we’ve been quietly spreading the word about the NFF’s new Collaboration Tools Search, but now – with 220 resources available and new ones added all the time – we’re ready for prime time.

Whether you’re in need of a specific resource (How do I plan a field trip? Where can I learn more about FACA? What’s the role of a non-profit board?), or just hoping to build your organization’s or collaborative’s capacity in a general sense, look no further! You can easily search all the resources by keyword (e.g., FACA, fundraising, transitions, governance, etc.), tool type (peer learning session, document, workshop, link, research), or learning topic.


For those of you who prefer to browse, we encourage you to click through the list of learning topics, where you can find resources and peer learning sessions around key issues. We cover everything from Linking Science to Practice to the Legal Framework for Collaboration and Collaboration and NEPA. We’re especially proud of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program (CFLRP) learning topic, where you can easily access websites and reports for all 23 CFLRP sites, as well as monitoring resources, information on regional workshops, and current research that’s applicable to collaborative efforts.

If you like our new Collaboration Tools Search, we hope you spread the word, bookmark it in your browser, and help us keep the list populated with tools, resources, and links from experts like you. Our vision is to maintain an ever-growing, relevant database. Did you develop a useful or innovative strategy? Let us know; we’d love to help you show it off. Have you stumbled across an excellent resource that others would benefit from? Send it our way, and we’ll add it to the Collaboration Tools Search. With your help, we can ensure this new resource only improves with time.

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