Situated in the headwaters region of America’s largest river system, the Chippewa National Forest, a water-rich landscape, sprawls across north-central Minnesota. Composed of diverse tree species – including aspen, birch, pine, balsam fir and maple – the Chippewa provides exceptional habitat for more than three hundred important wildlife species. This landscape is a beautiful example of the vast, iconic forests that once covered the northern Great Lakes area.

With the onslaught of 85 mile per hour winds in July of 2012, the National Forest experienced a massive blowdown event that leveled approximately 12,000 acres of the Forest. Once a forest that provided habitat for one of the highest densities of nesting bald eagles in the contiguous U.S., the Chippewa and Forest Services struggled with limited funding to restore this important land.

With support from corporate partners like Caudalie, Ford, and Black Forest, as well as many small business and individual donors, the NFF has worked with Chippewa National Forest to fund the planting of native seedlings on areas most severely affected by the blowdown event. Seedlings allow the forest to regenerate and once again offer exceptional wildlife habitat.

Header photo: Brittany Burnett

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