National Forest Foundation

Trail Information Project

Supported by REI

Rising from the Great Basin Desert, the Wasatch Mountain Range towers over the eastern edge of Salt Lake City, making up the heart of the 2.1-million-acre Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The Forest stretches from the Utah-Idaho border to 50 miles south of Salt Lake, then northeast to the border of Wyoming. It is an important source of fresh water for the Salt Lake metro area.

The Forest is often dubbed one of the country’s most urban National Forests, due to its border with the Wasatch Front, an 80-mile stretch of communities where over 2 million people reside. And the area is a destination for outdoor recreation tourists, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

The Forest contains hundreds of sport climbing routes that offer a lifetime of possibility for climbers. Nine captivating and majestic Wilderness Areas provide abundant opportunities for solitude. And we can’t forget to mention that the Forest provides some of the most renowned downhill skiing opportunities in the world.

The Forest also has over 1700 miles of trails and maintaining these trails is a challenge. This REI/NFF partnership project will allows us to help update trail signage. The project will enhance the user experience by improving access to trail information. It will assist with safety and wayfinding, and help inform about leave no trace principals to protect water quality and the fragile habitat that supports numerous species of wildlife.