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From now until March 31, every dollar donated to the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund will plant one native tree on a National Forest in California that has been affected by wildfire.

Take action now to support California's forests for future generations.

California is home to some of the world’s most amazing and diverse forests. From the rain-soaked old-growth forests of the Klamath National Forest to the majestic forests that flank the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, California contains 14 different National Forests that cover a fifth of the state.

In addition to providing world-class recreational opportunities in places like Lake Tahoe, the forests of California are vital resources that power California’s economy. National Forests contribute nearly 65% of the water for the state, support a thriving recreation economy, and play a vital role in storing carbon.

Since a historic drought starting in 2012, California forests have been affected by fire at an unprecedented rate. As conditions have become drier and hotter, the size and severity of these fires have grown.

Over the last five years, more than 5 million acres of California's forests have been burned in wildfires. This year has been a sobering reminder of the impact and tragedy that these fires have wrought on local communities. The most recent fires included the Camp Fire, which consumed more than 18,000 structures and took more than 85 lives, becoming California’s most destructive wildfire on record.

As California communities grapple with these devastating events, the detrimental impacts to our forests are becoming painfully clear. Fires burned so severely that many of these forests are left with no forest cover whatsoever. Winter rains are expected to scour bare slopes, leading to erosion and sedimentation of the streams that supply California communities with water. Much of the wildlife habitat that provides refuge for California’s diverse fauna is gone. Perhaps most frightening, without immediate action, we could lose some of these forests forever.

That’s why we established the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund. From now until March 31, every dollar donated to the fund will plant one native tree on a National Forest in California that has been affected by wildfire. Your trees will be planted by professional tree planters, guided by the U.S. Forest Service.

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Trees planted through the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund will help bring new life and hope National Forests in California. Since 2010, the NFF has planted more than 3.5 million trees in California. And now, we want to give our supporters the opportunity to earmark their funds to support this important relief effort.

It's time to step up and help make a difference for the future of California’s forests. We need you.

1% for the Planet member donations to the fund count toward their annual commitment. Learn more about 1% for the Planet here.

Here’s how it works:

  • You decide how many trees to plant.
  • Make a donation to help the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund.
  • The NFF directs funds to plant trees in California forests affected by fire.
  • Contributors will receive a tree-planting impact report showing where trees were planted.


Wes Swaffar, Director Reforestation and Partnerships


Forest management is a complex practice with a variety of techniques. In some cases, thinning and prescribed fire are necessary to reduce fuel densities and improve wildlife habitat. In other cases, tree planting is needed to restore forest cover following severe events like wildfire.

Funds raised through the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund will be directed to support tree planting projects on National Forests that were affected by wildfire. Because reforestation need varies on an annual basis, we cannot project exactly where trees will be planted. The NFF will announce the location of tree-planting projects in Spring 2019.

The Forest Service only plants seedlings when conditions are optimal and when a high survival rate is expected, typically in the spring. If your contribution occurs during or after the planting season, your seedlings will likely be planted the following planting season. Additionally, if funds raised through the California Wildfire Reforestation Fund exceed the planting need for 2019, remaining funds will be distributed to the 2020 California planting season.

The NFF plants one tree for every dollar donated. Your donations help provide seedlings that are then planted by the Forest Service. For every dollar donated, the Forest Service invests $2 in these important projects in the form of seed sourcing, identifying the areas in most need of tree planting, contracting the labor, and providing follow-up care to ensure the seedlings survive.

The National Forest Foundation works hard to maximize your donations. We are proud that we invest 85% of every donation directly into our tree-planting programs. We have attained the highest ratings by Charity Navigator and Guidestar, and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.