National Forest Foundation

Small Business Tree Planting Partnerships

Learn how your small business can support our National Forests

Making a difference, together

Our Small Business program is designed for small businesses that want to solidify their environmental commitment by donating to support tree planting efforts on our National Forests. Our Small Business tree planting program is an ideal partnership model for customer reward programs, paperless conversion incentive programs, and percentage-of-sales promotions that support the health and vitality of our 193-million-acre National Forest System. For every dollar donated by your business, the NFF will plant a tree on a National Forest in need.

How it Works

Enrolling in our Small Business program is straightforward and simple:

  1. Visit our enrollment page to enroll as a small business partner. The minimum enrollment fee for our small business partnerships is $100 which covers program administration.
  2. Once enrolled, we will contact you with instructions on how to donate to plant trees.
  3. Donate to plant trees on our National Forest. The NFF will plant one tree for every dollar donated. Your company can make regular recurring donations or make donations at your own pace. Please note that we require regular donations to be considered as a small business partner.
  4. Talk about it! We encourage our partners to actively message about their small business tree planting partnership. Please send copy to for review and approval. ***Please note: use of the official NFF logo is not permitted at the small business partner level.
  5. Trees are planted. Your donations will be pooled with other donations and directed to the areas of greatest need on our National Forest System. Because reforestation needs change on an annual basis, we cannot designate where your trees are planted.

Benefiting Your Business

  • Tree planting partnerships are an excellent way to demonstrate your environmental commitment.
  • Your company listed in our Annual Report if donations exceed $500 per year*
  • Your company listed on the NFF’s Corporate Partners webpage if your donations exceed $1,000 per year*.

*September 30 is our annual deadline for listing in our annual report and webpage.

Questions? Check out our Small Business FAQs.


For more information, contact Monica Perez-Watkins at or 406.830.3354.