National Forest Foundation

Small Business Tree Planting Partnerships

Learn how your small business can support our National Forests

Making a Difference, Together

Our Small Business program is designed for small businesses that want to demonstrate their environmental commitment by planting trees on our National Forests. Our small business partners are a critical part of a larger coalition of partners and supporters engaged in our campaign to plant 50 million trees.

To date, we’ve planted more than 255,000 trees with the help of our small business partners!

After enrolling in the program, every dollar your business donates will plant a tree on a National Forest that needs your help.*

*We are proud that we invest 85% of every donation directly into our tree planting programs. All trees are planted on National Forests in priority locations determined by the U.S. Forest Service.

How it Works

Becoming a small business partner and supporting tree planting on our National Forests is simple!

  • Enroll as a small business partner. We require a one-time enrollment fee of $100. Once enrolled, we’ll reach out with donation instructions.
  • Donate to plant trees. Your company can schedule recurring tree planting donations or make donations at your own pace. We do require regular donations to ensure our partnerships are active.
  • We plant your trees. Your donations will be invested in high priority tree-planting projects across the country, and we’ll ensure that one native tree is planted for every dollar donated.

Please click on the below FAQs for additional information and requirements.

Benefiting Your Business

  • Tree-planting partnerships are a low cost, easy way to demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.
  • Give back to your customers - our National Forests are shared public lands, enjoyed by and of benefit to all Americans!
  • Your company is listed in our Annual Report if donations exceed $500 per year.*
  • Your company is listed on the NFF’s Corporate Partners webpage if your donations exceed $1,000 per year.*
  • Get quarterly tree-planting updates about our 50-million-trees campaign and planting projects.
  • Use of our shareable tree-planting videos and small business social media kit.

*September 30 is our annual deadline for listing in our annual report and webpage.

Small Business Partnership Spotlight

A small business partner since 2018, EBSCO Mags plants one tree for every customer who switches to automatic renewals through their Evergreen accounts program. To date, EBSCO Mags and Evergreen users have planted nearly 2,000 trees on our National Forests!


For more information, contact Britt Holewinski at or 406.830.3364.