1 | Grant Reporting

Grant Reporting

The National Forest Foundation now allows grant recipients to upload reports electronically. Please follow the instructions on this page. If you submit a report via the process on this page, you do not need to send it via email or hard copy.

Standard Report Guidelines

NOTE: In certain cases, special reporting guidelines should be used instead of the standard guidelines linked below. The Reporting clause in your grant agreement will indicate whether standard or special reporting requirements apply.

TIP: Refer to the first page of your grant agreement if you are unsure which of the funding programs below pertains to your grant.

Submission Instructions

Upload project update and final reports on this page. Specific reporting guidelines for each grant program are above.

1. Each report should contain the following components combined as one PDF (preferred) or as individual documents (if necessary):

  • Narrative Summary
  • Financial Report Form (Must be signed with a legal signature and dated; please double check it is accurate)
  • Final Report Cover Sheet (Final Reports Only)
  • Press Coverage and/or Grant Products (Final Reports Only)

2. Also upload 3-4 high quality separate images, not combined with the report PDF (Final Reports Only)

Use the following naming convention for all files:

  • Project ID Organization Name FINAL REPORT
  • Project ID Organization Name UPDATE REPORT

    Example: "RI-709 Forest Futures FINAL REPORT"

If you unable to submit the report as one complete document, then use this naming convention

  • Project ID Organization Name FINAL REPORT - Coversheet
  • Project ID Organization Name FINAL REPORT - Narrative
  • etc...

File Upload Access

There is no submit button. Once the file is uploaded or dropped in, it is automatically sent to the NFF. You will not receive a submission confirmation and there is no need to email the NFF to confirm.