Corporate Partnerships

Tongass National Forest

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) unites diverse stakeholders in learning about, caring for and improving our 193 million acres of National Forests and Grasslands. Our collaborative strategies help us engage thousands of individuals, communities, organizations and partners, magnifying the impacts of our conservation strategies.

As a corporate partner, there are many benefits to working with the National Forest Foundation. Your support reaps tangible conservation results for our nation's forests, watersheds, wildlife, and recreation resources. NFF corporate partners connect with thousands of outdoors enthusiasts, conservationists and our own Friends of the Forest® (FOF). They also creatively engage employees and customers in helping support and care for our forests. Most importantly, in partnership with the NFF, companies can demonstrate their commitment to perpetuating our uniquely American legacy of public lands.

The NFF recognizes our corporate partners in many ways, including through our Web site, publications, e-newsletters and special events.

Current Corporate Partner List

Corporate Membership

Annual giving forms the bedrock of support for the NFF's conservation mission. The NFF offers corporate membership opportunities at many levels, complete with the promise that these contributions will be highly leveraged and generate significant conservation returns. Your corporate membership in the National Forest Foundation demonstrates to your customers and clients a lasting commitment to clean air and water, healthy wildlife habitat and vibrant wild places.

Case Statement

Tree-planting Program and Carbon Capital Fund

The NFF’s tree-planting program provides corporations with an incredible opportunity to engage their customers and clients in the direct reforestation of our amazing National Forests. This cost-effective program provides myriad messaging, outreach, and cause-related marketing opportunities, while providing an engaging and tangible story for your business. Through our Carbon Capital Fund, the NFF also offers verified carbon offsets for voluntary offsetting programs.


From our Annual Sporting Clays Invitational to dozens of Friends of the Forest Days volunteer stewardship activities, the NFF offers various events and programs for corporate sponsorship.

Cause-related Marketing

National Forests record more than 192 million visitors annually, supply 124 million Americans with fresh water, and are pivotal to the quality of life for hundreds of local communities. The people who value National Forests for their many natural assets respond more favorably to brands that demonstrate concern and support for the future of America's public lands. The NFF works with corporate partners to develop creative, cause-related campaigns that differentiate companies from their competitors.

Product Licensing

The Friends of the Forest and National Forest Foundation brands connect consumers to the wild landscapes they treasure. The NFF will work with companies to develop products that appeal to outdoors enthusiasts and conservation-minded consumers who want to demonstrate their personal commitment to our National Forests. The NFF can help promote these products through our print and electronic communications, including with our more than 130,000 Friends of the Forest.


The restoration challenges across our National Forests have reached a tipping point with the needs far outpacing the resources available to address them. The NFF makes the most of corporate philanthropic support by leveraging gifts with additional private, in-kind and federal contributions. Our collaborative approach enhances project efficiency and results, while our commitment to sound science and knowledge-sharing builds models for success that can be replicated. Whether at a local, regional or national scale, corporate philanthropic gifts are investments that generate substantial returns for our natural environments and the communities that depend upon them.

Custom Partnerships

Does your company want to offset its carbon footprint? How about giving employees a chance to volunteer on a trail maintenance or stream restoration project? Would you like your customers to get involved in a nationwide tree-planting campaign?

The NFF can work with you to design a custom corporate partnership that meets your philanthropic, environmental and marketing goals.

To learn more about partnering with the NFF, contact Ray Foote, Executive Vice President of Development and Communications, at 571-366-1704.