Carbon Capital Fund

As they grow, trees sequester carbon through photosynthesis

Our amazing National Forest System includes hundreds of millions of acres of trees, one of the most efficient and readily available carbon sinks on Earth. However, unprecedented wildfires and other natural disasters – exacerbated by climate change, drought, and historic forest management practices – have severely affected our National Forests’ ability to store carbon. Because fires have gotten so severe, they kill nearly all the trees in their path, effectively eliminating natural seed production and severely reducing the forest’s ability to regenerate on its own.

Understanding these issues and seeking a proactive solution, the NFF developed the Carbon Capital Fund (CCF), an innovative way for Americans to help reforest our National Forests. By using the power of voluntary carbon markets, our connections with our corporate partners, and encouraging the participation of everyday Americans, the NFF is working to help heal these damaged lands while also providing opportunities to show the value of our National Forests in a larger climate change strategy.

These projects plant trees in naturally deforested areas, sequestering carbon and providing additional benefits to the forests. The Carbon Capital Fund is not a long-term funding solution to the reforestation backlog on National Forests, but rather an innovative strategy helping to improve knowledge about the role that National Forests have in climate change strategies. Without your support, these projects could not take place. Learn more about carbon offsets in our infographic. 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Contributing to the Carbon Capital Fund is a positive step to address global climate change that reduces the impact of your carbon footprint over a 100 year period. Planting trees is a natural option to decrease atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses, and simultaneously benefiting water quality, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities.

Act Today!

  1. Calculate your annual carbon footprint to determine your estimated output of carbon dioxide.
  2. Determine ways to reduce your carbon emissions. Changing your behavior to reduce your emissions is the best climate change strategy available!
  3. Donate to the Carbon Capital Fund at any level you choose to help offset the emissions you are not able to reduce.
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Click the above image to learn how your company can voluntarily offset its GHG emissions through the Carbon Capital Fund

Can My Business Participate?

Absolutely! Businesses committed to voluntarily reducing their carbon footprints can also participate in the program as well. Click here to learn more.

Demonstration Projects

The Carbon Capital Fund provides financial support for carbon sequestration demonstration projects on National Forest lands, showing the value of trees and forests in a larger climate change strategy. Learn about our projects here.

Is It All About Carbon?

No. The benefits of the program beyond carbon are substantial, improving local wildlife habitat and water quality, and the overall ecological condition of our National Forests. Learn more.

Every project implemented is consistent with standards and guidelines outlined in the plan for each National Forest, providing a management framework for multiple objectives.

The Science

San Juan National Forest
Crews plant on the San Juan National Forest carbon demonstration project in the fall of 2011

Carbon Capital Fund demonstration projects are based on years of scientific study about the growth and development of trees. In recent years, this information has been incorporated into computer models that predict the amount of carbon that will be sequestered over time. Variables such as species, soil productivity, and geographic region are controlled to give estimates of the amount of carbon that trees retain as they grow. These models are used to predict the carbon benefit associated with your donation. Learn more.

The Carbon Capital Fund is working with Winrock International, the American Carbon Registry, and Scientific Certification Systems to provide third-party verification, registration, project verification and validation services ensuring the high quality and transparency of carbon demonstration projects. Early projects were designed and reviewed to earn an ‘A’ rating under the Department of Energy 1605(b) greenhouse gas reporting guidelines. Our most recent projects are being registered on formal carbon registries.

Some Considerations Before you Donate

  • Trees take a long time to grow: Carbon sequestration will take place over the life of a tree. Carbon benefits associated with the Carbon Capital Fund may take up to 100 years to be completely realized, depending on location.
  • All offsets will meet strict rules of financial and biological additionality. Biological additionality for Carbon Capital Fund projects refers to the carbon stored by trees – planted with your donations. Rigorous models have been developed to predict just how many trees (if any) would regenerate naturally and how much carbon they would retain. Natural regeneration serves as our baseline for biological additionality. 
  • Trees will be planted and managed in accordance to the forest plan for each individual forest. Improvements made to National Forest System lands through the Carbon Capital Fund become property of the United States, and are subject to the same regulations and administration of the U.S. Forest Service as other National Forest improvements of similar nature.
  • Donors are not entitled to any share of interest in the affected Forest Service property other than the right to use and enjoy it under the existing regulations of the U.S. Forest Service.