Programs & Initiatives

Rooted in the National Forest Foundation's mission and values, we have developed and nurtured programs that blend knowledge, community engagement, and conservation action to ensure a vibrant future for our National Forests.

The National Forest Foundation (NFF)'s story of "what we do" weaves together a diverse menu of strategies, including:

  • National Conservation Campaign: The NFF has launched a national conservation campaign - Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences - to focus on large-scale projects and initiatives that help us accomplish our forest restoration goals.
  • Grant Programs: The NFF provides financial support to our partner organizations through a suite of grant programs. With these programs, the NFF can involve a variety of stakeholders in forest stewardship, leverage additional skills and support, and benefit a wide array of communities and landscapes.
  • Conservation Connect: The NFF helps unite diverse, and sometimes conflicting, interests to facilitate progress on natural resource issues and stewardship. We advance collaboration by providing technical assistance, promoting stakeholder dialogue, and offering mentoring and coaching.
  • Tree-planting: In recent years, severe wildfire and other impacts have damaged millions of acres of our National Forests. The NFF is helping to revitalize these landscapes through large-scale tree-planting.
  • Carbon Capital Fund: The Carbon Capital Fund supports carbon sequestration demonstration projects on National Forest lands, showing the value of trees and forests in a larger climate change strategy. These projects plant trees in burned and otherwise damaged forests, sequestering carbon and providing additional benefits to watersheds, wildlife and recreation resources.
  • Public Engagement - Friends of the Forest®: To help build a growing constituency of people to support our National Forests, the NFF conducts public outreach, education and volunteer activities. Our Friends of the Forest program helps people learn about the issues and values surrounding our National Forests through publications, a monthly electronic newsletter (tree-mailTM) and hands-on stewardship events.
  • Youth Engagement: The future of our National Forests depends on people who love these lands. The NFF helps nurture the next generation of conservationists by connecting today's kids with nature through education programs, hands-on stewardship activities and fun outdoor experiences.