Tree Planting in Our National Forests

Restoring the Health and Vitality of America's National Forests

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From fresh water to clean air to sweeping vistas of green, America's National Forests offer an incredible array of beauty and values. With all that these lands give us, it's only natural to consider ways that we can give back.

Planting trees on National Forests is a gift that provides benefits for generations. Trees clean the air, produce oxygen and sequester carbon dioxide. They help to clean water for the 123 million Americans who depend on National Forests every time they turn on the tap. Healthy forests sustain critical habitat for diverse wildlife and enhance our cherished outdoor recreation pursuits.

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Wildfire, disease and insect outbreaks, hurricanes, and past land uses have impacted millions of acres of forests across the country. Through the NFF's tree-planting programs, individuals, small businesses, and corporations can help reforest these magnificent lands. participation is easy and every dollar plants at least one tree!

Find the tree-planting program that's right for you or your company:


  • Individuals - Our Tree-for-Me program allows individuals to contribute directly through our Web site. Simply click here and choose your donation level. You can give a gift of trees, memorialize a loved one, celebrate a birth, or just give back because you cherish our National Forests. Download our tree-planting brochure for more information.

Corporate and Small Business Partnerships

  • Corporate programs - Our Trees for US can help companies demonstrate large-scale conservation results while gaining public recognition for a strong commitment to the environment. Businesses of any size can partner with the NFF to sponsor important reforestation projects on our National Forests. Please see this case statement about one of our successful partnerships. The NFF can also provide verified carbon offsets for voluntary markets through our Carbon Capital Fund. For more information, contact Wes Swaffar (

Tree-planting: Lolo National Forest