Trees for US

Corporate and Small Business Tree-planting Partnerships

The NFF's Trees for US program helps your business meet its sustainability goals, while benefiting public lands.

The Problem

American consumers are increasingly requiring that the businesses they support have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. Responding to this shifting demand in a meaningful and tangible way is challenging. Delivering measurable and wide-reaching impacts through environmental initiatives can be costly, time consuming, and difficult to communicate to customers.

The Solution

The NFF offers a proven solution. Our professional staff can develop a custom tree-planting partnership for your business that delivers the right message and provides easy-to-understand environmental benefits to public lands across the country. Tree-planting is tangible and concrete. Public lands belong to and benefit all of us. Your customers, employees and shareholders will intuitively understand that planting trees on America's National Forests makes a positive difference.

The Benefits For Your Business

From developing a custom, multi-region tree-planting partnership to working with your communications department to create innovative and engaging messaging, the NFF provides an unmatched level of support to our partners. We have nurtured meaningful partnerships with iconic American companies like the Walt Disney Company, Chevrolet, Intel, MillerCoors, REI, Plow & Hearth, and many others. Please follow this link to download a case statement about one of our most successful partnerships.

The NFF's Trees for US program offers a variety of ways to impact our National Forests. Your business can:

  • Choose to sponsor or partially sponsor a specific project;
  • Make one-time donations through our  Web-site, a great way to recognize clients and colleagues;
  • Set up a benefits program that encourages customers to use your products, and plant trees as a reward for their loyalty or patronage;
  • Match your customers' contributions to plant trees;
  • Donate based on a percentage of sales or products sold.

To make a recurring or one-time donation now, please visit our secure tree-planting donation page.

Carbon Benefits

While all planted trees sequester carbon, the NFF also offers verifiable carbon offsets for the voluntary market. If your business is engaged in a comprehensive effort to reduce and offset its carbon emissions, the NFF's Carbon Capital Fund can provide a unique opportunity to gain all the positive benefits of tree-planting plus verified carbon offsets.

Accountable and Tax-deductible

Click on the icon to the right to download the 3-page overview with FAQs and more information about the program.

A tree-planting partnership with the NFF ensures that all trees are professionally planted, native and locally sourced, and cared for by the U.S. Forest Service on lands owned by every citizen of the country. Plus, because we are a 501(c)(3), tree-planting donations are fully tax-deductible.

Contact Us

Working with the NFF is easy and straightforward. Our program manager,  Wes Swaffar ( is available to discuss custom tree-planting partnerships with your company or client. Simply call Wes at 406.830.3356 to get started.

Also please download our tree-planting overview document to share with your colleagues, or visit our Google Earth map to learn more about our projects and partnerships.