In 2022, the NFF and 50 Million For Our Forests campaign planted 8,061,125 trees – the most we have ever planted in a single year! We are now over halfway to our goal to plant 50 million trees on National Forests by the end of 2025.

Beyond the numbers, planting native trees where they can survive and thrive, especially on public lands, can do a lot for all of us. Reforestation can help release and supply clean air and water, contribute to global climate change mitigation, enhance biodiversity, revive habitat for wildlife, create more recreational and local job opportunities, and so much more.

Read our 2022 Impact Report and find out more behind the numbers below.

77 Projects on 51 National Forests in 25 States

We planted trees on National Forests across the United States through our partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and work with regional grantees and contractors. Projects run the gamut of sizes and objectives, from 2.2 million trees planted on Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest for restoration efforts to 24 trees planted on Arizona’s Coronado National Forest through a youth-engagement program.

Photo by Tali Neidenfeuhr.

>24,000 Acres Reforested

Collectively, our projects replanted an area the size of over 18,500 football fields. That is a large chunk of habitat that could not be reforested without the generosity of our supporters!

Photo by the NFF.

>45,000 Federally Threatened Whitebark Pine Seedlings Planted

In December 2022, whitebark pine received federal protection under the Endangered Species Act due to its stark decline, primarily from white pine blister rust. What does that mean for this important keystone species? Many more restoration efforts to come!

In 2022, we planted whitebark pine on four National Forests in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon, and we already have plans to plant more in future years.

>4 Million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Can Be Stored Over 100 Years

Over the lifetime of the trees planted, they can sequester the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions released by the average car driving more than 10 billion miles. That’s enough to drive around the globe more than 401,000 times!

Photo by the U.S. Forest Service.

Nearly 5,000 Donors and Partners

We could not have reached this point in the 50 Million campaign without the support of our many donors, Sapling members, and corporate partners. Additionally, our U.S. Forest Service partners are the project implementors and scientists behind our efforts that make reforestation a reality. They also hire and work directly with the professional tree planters who, while traversing across steep mountainsides and eroded burn scars, expertly plant our seedlings where they will have the greatest chance of survival.

Because of our many amazing donors and partners, National Forests can recover from severe wildfires, insect and disease outbreaks, and other disturbance events, and return as healthy forests that provide so much for us all.

Header seedling in hands photo by Dave Gardner Creative.

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