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Celebrate Small Business Saturday!

Trees, NFF Corporate Partners


When shopping small this Saturday, consider businesses with an environmental commitment, like our Small Business Tree Planting Partners!

We are moving toward our goal of planting 50 Million Trees for our National Forests. We are grateful for all of our supporters - from big organizations to individuals - who contribute to help restore our forests. In honor of Small Business Saturday, we want to celebrate all of our Small Business Partners who give back!

This cohort of organizations is a critical part of our tree planting campaign, and these partners have collectively planted more than 50,000 trees in 2019! Our small business partners’ contributions enable the NFF to plant trees in high priority areas on National Forests throughout the country. We appreciate our small business partners’ commitment to environmental sustainability, passion for our shared public lands, and giving back to the community.

Our small business partners are located all over the country, from Virginia to California, and we even have a few international supporters. These partners are in industries as varied as tech, media, insurance, apparel, candles, woodworking, beer, lighting, furniture making, and hair care. While their industries may vary, they all are committed to supporting our National Forests for future generations.

Becoming a small business partner is a great way for any small company to demonstrate a commitment to the environment. After enrolling as a partner, every dollar donated plants one tree. Our partners use a variety of ways to structure their partnership contributions, such as “buy one, plant one” or a percentage of profit or sales.

So this Saturday, if you’re looking to support small businesses AND support the planet, considering checking out our small business partners who are helping to plant trees in our treasured National Forests.

If a small business partnership sounds like it might be a good fit for your company, check out our small business webpage and read through some FAQs. You can also reach out to Britt Holewinski, NFF Tree Planting Associate at 406.830.3364 and for more information!

National Forest Foundation Small Business Partners:

  • 1976
  • 300 North LBJ Drive LLC
  • Abbott's Tree Experts
  • Adam's Pest Control
  • American Holtzkraft, Inc
  • Aslan Brewing Co.
  • Aspen Brush Removal
  • Atlanta Business Products, Inc.
  • Attendee Management, Inc.
  • Avant Arts
  • Bailey Strategic Innovation Group
  • Bear Wood Windows, Inc.
  • Bearded Man Coffee
  • Becca Reid / Virtual Services
  • Becker Supply Co.
  • Begonia & Bench
  • Bettola
  • Beyond Balance
  • Black Mountin Beauty
  • Blue Dot Solar Inc
  • Blue Zenith LLC
  • Bluetree Network
  • Brainfiller, Inc.
  • Buck Palmer Jewelry
  • Cantrip Candles
  • CBD 2.0
  • Chamisa Chocolate
  • Chimera Ceramics and Sculptures
  • Chunky Pine
  • Crescent Box Corporation
  • Daedal Goods LLC
  • Deca Energy
  • Digital Bazaar, Inc.
  • Discover Deckers
  • Divine Heritage
  • EBSCO Mags
  • EMRL
  • Esther's Fabrics
  • Featherlight Travel
  • Fire Lotus USA
  • Floreal Blooms
  • Flyus Marketing LLC
  • Friends Of Friends / Hatbitual LLC
  • Funerals Your Way
  • Garden & Library
  • Gateway Crate and Freight LLC
  • Gehan Homes, Ltd.
  • Gingerly Press
  • Goodwood Realty
  • Gordon and Grant
  • Great Bear Woodworking
  • Green Grove CBD
  • Greenieapp, LLC
  • Happily Outdoors, LLC
  • Harvest Partners Financial
  • Haun Made Studio
  • Home Design by Annie
  • Homes Bracelet LLC
  • Hoptown Handles
  • How To Concerts LLC
  • Incept Data Solutions
  • Ink Rebels
  • JuneShine
  • KinCA Photography
  • Kitchen Cabinet Depot
  • Kletter Law
  • Knaughty Log Company
  • Koskenkorva Vodka + Infinium Spirits
  • L'ANZA Healing Haircare
  • Lehn & Vogt Insurance Group
  • Leon & George
  • LevGo
  • Lewisburg Diamond & Gold
  • Life Of Cosmetics LLC
  • Living Cocoon Inc.
  • Magnolia Abstract Services Inc
  • McLoughlin Landscapes
  • Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLC
  • Mile High Micro Greens, DBA Boom Inc
  • Modern Design Sofas
  • Mountain Toes Ceramics
  • Muddy Pup Pottery
  • myDigitalOffice
  • North Shore Window Solutions
  • Oak Industries LLC
  • Otto Medica
  • Outbound Financial
  • Painted by the Shore
  • Perry McGrath Salon
  • PG Exhibits + Environments
  • Phillips International
  • Pine Outfitters
  • Pink Moon Woodworking
  • Pipeline Workspaces
  • Pixxy
  • PLANK Eyewear
  • Planning Center
  • Plura Interactive LLC
  • PMI - Printing & Marketing
  • pratherteam, LTD
  • Raleigh Reclaimed LLC
  • Red River Paper
  • Repairxpert
  • Rooted Furniture
  • Scout Books
  • Shade Metals
  • Shinrin Yoku
  • Silvatica Designs
  • Slip face sandboards llc
  • Solid Rock Builders LLC
  • Sollars Home
  • Sonora Kay Creations
  • Square Design LLC
  • Subeaukin LLC DBA ReTreeJoy
  • Teal Natural Resources LLC
  • Teeming River Cruises
  • The Aquatic
  • The Common Theory
  • The Crossland Group
  • The Long Con
  • The Paperplane, Inc.
  • The Rustic Pint
  • The Whey Company
  • TypeHaus, Inc.
  • Vanya Erickson, Author
  • Vera Solutions, Benefit LLC
  • VOPlanet
  • WaiverSign
  • We Love Trees, LLC
  • Wekecy Wood Shop
  • Wild and CO, LLC
  • WilderKind
  • Willowgrass
  • Window Fix, Inc.
  • Wine Nook
  • Woodland Watch Company
  • Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring
  • WoodZest
  • Xow Media, LLC
  • Yoga Pod
  • Zerovana LLC

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