At Columbia Winery, we are immensely proud of where we’re from and value the land and environment in Washington that makes it so distinctive. From the wild, dense rain forests of the Olympic Mountains, to the sweeping lowlands and river valleys of the Puget Sound, to the towering Cascades, forests cover half of our state. The National Forest Foundation’s mission truly hits home for our Winery, and we are grateful for the chance to care for the forests across the US.

In 2019, we are partnering with the NFF to ensure 10,000 trees are planted. We love that their goal for tree planting is simple, yet incredibly impactful – they make it easy for anyone to contribute to the cause and support the environment. We appreciate that the NFF maintains both a broad, national reach as well as a targeted, regional focus with their efforts. They have numerous projects, ongoing and completed, in the Pacific Northwest and have aided the west coast in many of the recent year’s devastating wildfires.

We believe the spirit of Washington represents a drive to follow your passions and see them through, even if that means charting a new course. We channel the spirit of Washington from our winery’s history – embodied in Columbia’s founders who walked away from their day jobs to follow their vision and honor the exceptional growing regions and high-quality wines of Washington. The geographic elements that combine to make our unique terroir, like the rain shadow of the Cascade mountains, the arid desert of eastern Washington, the soil resulting from the Missoula floods, all combine to create the ideal region for growing wine grapes.

Caring for our environment is of the utmost importance to Columbia Winery and, with help from the NFF, we can help support forests throughout the nation. We couldn’t be more excited to work with the NFF and contribute to their work in restoring and enhancing natural landscapes.

National Forest Foundation