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Planet Home Lending’s efforts to positively affect the environment inspired the national mortgage lender to plant 25,000 trees with the NFF in 2019.

At Planet Home Lending, our efforts to positively affect the environment inspired us to partner with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). In 2019, we funded the planting of 25,000 trees where they are most needed in National Forests across the country.

Our decision to contribute to the NFF’s 50 Million For Our Forests campaign grew from our desire to give back to the communities our borrowers live in and to help improve the planet as a whole.

“We strive to be good corporate citizens, valuing and beneficially affecting our communities, society and the planet,” said Michael Dubeck, CEO and President of Planet Home Lending parent Planet Financial Group. “Our tree-planting partnership with the National Forest Foundation allows us to define, promote and enhance the green aspect of our company while showing that it is possible to be fiscally successful and environmentally conscious.”

Planet Home Lending’s partnership with the NFF is a part of our larger Planet with a Purpose initiative. “This company was founded on the idea that we have a responsibility to the planet and the communities we serve,” Dubeck said. “Partnering with the National Forest Foundation helps our employees, customers and business partners feel good about the positive effect we collectively make on our planet with every loan we close.”

Planting 25,000 trees on National Forests will store approximately 12,500 tons of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of these trees, the NFF estimates. We are proud to be a part of the NFF’s campaign and to help mitigate the impacts of climate change, one loan at a time.

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