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10 Great Places to Ride a Mountain Bike on National Forests

by Leslie Kehmeier

Looking for a great place to ride a mountain bike on National Forests? From Alaska to Georgia and Wisconsin to Arizona there are a multitude of experiences in a variety of landscapes. And there’s something for everyone from beautiful to challenging to playful. Read more…

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NFF and Lake Quinault Lodge bring NYC to the Olympic National Forest

by Dayle Wallien

Thanks to donations from Lake Quinault Lodge visitors to the National Forest Foundation’s Forest Stewardship Fund, twelve youth were able to receive training and conduct 829 hours of critical restoration work on the Olympic National Forest through the Northwest Youth Corps. Read more…


Five Steps to Enjoy National Forests on Off-highway Vehicles

by Dave Halsey

Riding off-highway vehicles (OHVs) on America’s National Forests is a popular recreational activity. It’s a great way to see the beauty and grandeur of our public lands, while riding with friends and family. Here are five steps to make sure your rides are enjoyable, safe and responsible when venturing out on the Forest roads and trails on National Forests. Read more…

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A National Forest and A National Park in California: It’s All Dry

by Ray A. Foote

My family spent some time last week on the Sierra National Forest and in Yosemite National Park. Leading up to the trip, I had read about the multi-year drought in California and how the snow this past winter in the Sierra amounted to only six percent of the average. I knew things were going to be pretty dry. But it wasn’t until I put boot on ground that it really hit me. Read more…

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Looking Behind the Curtain

by Piper McDaniel

Hidden behind the curtain of marijuana legalization issues that are occupying the political and media landscape of Northern California, trespass grows are an equally important issue that shares a need for environmental protections. Regions, like Northern California, that offer favorable growing conditions – climate, remote location, and low populations—will be forced to contend with the environmental impacts of marijuana farming on private and public lands. Read more…


Ten of the Best Places to Paddle on National Forests

by Marlee Ostheimer

In 2013, we posted a blog called “14 Best Places to Canoe and Kayak on National Forests.” Two years later, it’s still one of our most popular blogs. We thought we should add a few gems we missed and highlight some of the other best places to paddle on our National Forests. Read more…